Page 51 - Bridging & Commercial Magazine Issue 5
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One Day   He adds that the only way you can tell the difference is by the material of the exterior walls, which are built with Project Etopia’s manufactured board. We go outside where a clenched fist and a good bang return more of a hollow ‘conk’ and echo than the dead slap I’d expect from a brick structure. Mark walks me to the construction site and introduces me to one of their project managers. As I don a high-vis jacket and a hard hat, David Fayers takes me over to a pile of boards which are ready to be used in the other 43 homes at the location. Aside from the foundation work, Project Etopia homes are built completely out of its patented boards. The magnesium oxide materials are manufactured with a steel frame filled and insulated with   49  Sept/Oct 2019    

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