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 NEW FLEXIBLE 3 YEAR UP TO £3 MILLION UP TO 75% LTV RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL & SEMI-COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES BESPOKE PAY RATES* FROM 3M LIBOR + 3.45% PA, PLUS RETAINED RATES OF 1-3% PA (DEPENDING ON PAY RATE) BRIDGE TO 3 YEAR INCLUDES FLEXIBLE 8 MONTH BRIDGE FROM 7.49% PA NEW Speak directly to one of our award-winning underwriters for super, flexible 3 year property loans with unparalleled speed and service. *The level of pay rate will depend on security type, LTV, loan size, borrower credit profile and desired retained rate. LIBOR has a minimum level of 1% per annum. Unregulated deals only. Standard fees and ERCs apply (no ERCs apply during bridging term). Visit for full product guides. Funding 365 Limited is registered in England & Wales. Company Registration Number: 08488034. Company Registered Address: 20 - 22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU. 

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